Monday, 30 March 2009

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Assassination Attempt Thwarted

Miss Kats just tried to kill me with a MUSHROOM!
Terrifying to say the least, and in a very Shinobi'esq manner... Poisoning my food!

Fortunately my Ninja senses directed my attention to the alien object within the dish, leaping from my position I avoided the potentially lethal blow and defended it adequately.

Luckily for Miss Kats I refrained from taking direct physical action, and I'm now in the process of taking legal action.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


If you were thinking it's all rainbows & kittens here, news flash 4U Fuck Orf!
Today saw the unleashing of the GENESIS 3!!

Not the shit knock off Xgames in one plug & play pile of crap MegaDrive 3, but teh DON GENESIS 3 MF!
I've had for about 3yrs odd now but been all boxed up, hidden from the universe :(

The little beast destroys all other MegaDrive incarnations purely because it is TEH SEX. The cart slot fits all region games, not sure about region locked but fuck em i'll buy *USA* the picture even via AV leads is stunning and full screen.
Tbh MD/GENESIS Wii downloads on my HD 37" can fuck right off they suck ballz, this is the 16-Bit shit, CRT is where this is @!

Took some crappy pics but they were.... CRAPPY so i'l upload 2moro when the light hits!

Monday, 9 March 2009

SEGA Links

On my quest for TEH Dreamcast knowledge I fell over these wonderful SEGA related blogs:

I was hoping for a swift response to my question over at dcemu however I have had zero response so far? Which is a bit meh... I mean these guys clearly know what they are talking about, hopefully they are busy or enjoying the DC. Shame really as I kinda want to spend sometime there :(

Fortunately the crew over at ntsc-uk came up with a few options, them folks are diamond I tell thee!

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Recently picked up a JAP Zombie Revenge, when it arrived I popped it into my PAL DC via the DCX boot disc.
Appeared to be fine, played the 1st mission no problems, but as soon as the episode 2 screen pops up I return to the DC menu screen? Disc looks fine, tried again and same issue :s

Thinking this was FAIL I fired up my JAP DC and tried again...
With this console the episode 1 screen came up after the intro FAMMYDODD'ed back to the DC menu? Whaaa!??!

So I then tried the rest of my NTSC-J games on the JAP console:
SFZ3 - resets wont play?
Biohazard 2 - dies after the intro movie?
PenPen - resets wont play?
All Revert to the DC menu screen?

Space Channel 5 - fine
Cap Vs Snk 2000 - fine
Soul Calibur - fine
F355 - fine
Daytona - fine
BioHazard CV - fine
Crazy Taxi - fine
Sega rally 2 - fine
Marvel Vs Capcom2 - fine

Wtf is happening?

PAL DC, so far has played:
(J)Cap Vs Snk 2000 - fine
(J)Soul Calibur - fine
(J)Daytona - fine
Giga Wing - fine
Gunbird - fine
Bangai-O -fine
Virtua tennis -fine

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Back into the DC big time, picked up GIGAWING, DYNAMITE DEKA 2, BANGAI-O, GUNBIRD 2... Again!
Re-played CAPCPOM Vs SNK, MVC2, SFZ 3! All still pushing the fun and feelings of arcade'ness!
Oh and a M3H for VIRTUA TENNIS pure fammydodd :(

I know what I'm missing, but what do you think?