Sunday, 31 August 2008

pseudonym - Katsujinken

The Japanese phrase katsujinken means "life giving sword" and refers to the use of a sword to preserve life.

The concept touches a dimension beyond technical skill, alone. It can be seen as decisiveness, willpower and the principal technical ability to defeat an opponent or more. One rider against 1000, is one of the metaphors that has been used to describe katsujinken.

I grew attached to the name whilst training in Ninjutsu, and used it as my pseudonym on the net. Strangely though it has slipped into my real life, I occasionally get called Katsu, Kats by close friends.

My personal feeling/reasoning behind the name:
Just because something looks like it will, it may not.
The fear, talk, hype of something does not ensure it will be what you heard.
There is a decision in everything.
Everything can lead to a positive.
It is highly unlikely that you actually understand me.
Think outside the box.
Whatever you are given, you have choices to make.

Saturday, 30 August 2008 widget shizzles pop'in me off

Added a few Widget type things here with the greatest of ease, all except my Flickr that is as for some CRAZY reason that appears to be BADDONG.

(If you don't know BADDONG you really must seek out the film KUNG POW!)

If I am "doing it wrong" fair enough I admit the PHAIL, however anyone who can assist please do as I really want to get a slide show up in here!?

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

New Facebook group formed for CHROMEHOUNDS!

CHROMEHOUNDS self help get in now! Glitchers and other sort can GTFO!