Monday, 7 July 2008

Upgrade me!?

Getting close to mobile phone upgrade time.... But what to choose?
Looking at getting into this Twitter biz, Qik, Youtube mobile uploads, GPS could be useful after trying to find a location previously on my bike was total chaos with a paper thing >.<

Right now I have a Samsung D840 slider with 2MP cam, which has served me very well. With the exception of some highly irritating dust inside the screen, poor picture quality in low light and the occasional lock-up... But the size and basic functionality has been a joy for the last 18 months!

I'm currently looking at upgrading to a high end Samsung, Nokia, and LG atm with 5MP decent flash and other good stuff? As there has been so many advances since my last upgrade i'm keen to experience them all 1st hand!

Not interested whatsoever with the iPhone as from what I have seen review wise on TV & the web, the basic functions (SMS, photo's and video along with calling) are on the pap side.

Pretty words

Interesting word tag cloud site..
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