Thursday, 15 November 2007

Downloads Killed The Retro* - END OF AN AES....

Yes it's sad but true, we all knew it would happen one day and as much as we all may dislike it, I'm sure somewhere deep down inside in the smallest of ways... We all at some point in our lives, we wanted it to happen!

I remember when MAME was popular... I truly hated this with a passion as it made a lot of titles available without giving anything back to the gaming community. In fact for me it took the soul from both PCB & general console gaming, and tore it to shreds.

Today we have the NEO-GEO & other system's classic title's legally download-able for all, on the Wii and the XBOX 360 at a very reasonable price!?
To add to this you can also get some of the Neo-Geo fixes on the PS2, Wii, PSP, Wii, 360, and original XBOX (however these are mainly 2D fighters or the Metal Slug series). Could this be the real end of the NEO-GEO / MVS & Retro market?

I sold my AES & NGCD a few years ago, which I regretted at the time, but I kept my MVS setup. Whilst it may have not be as sexy as the home system, it still plays the games and kept my Neo feed going which was all that I needed...

I have to say I'm actually looking forward to seeing what download-able Wii titles will be on offer in the future? Especially at the current moment this platform has the most diverse & exciting range of down loadable titles ATM. Raguy or Magician Lord for example, which within there own realm were classic games, especially for a system that thrived on fighters & the Metal Slug series to maintain it's presence within the gaming market?

The recent release of KOF 94, was fantastic for me as I can see the rest of them popping out in the future!

Just got see those superb Neo shooters coming over and I will be oh so very happy!

Viewpoint FTW please!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

VGI Crew where are they now.....?

A while back was a member of videogameimports web forum, it was small in comparison to other venues but for a long while it was my internet home!

The VGI forum ruled for me for lots of reasons:
Simplicity - The layout of it was really user friendly, you knew where to go to speak about any platform and mainly conversed with owners from that console area.

Members - You pretty much knew everyone on the board in one way or another, making it a really close forum. Vanpeebles, Hartley hare, busterbroon, CMcK, Hirst, Team Andromeda, Commander marklar, JOe, Hani, Devilman, Fastware, woochow, djOKterrific, Gibbon, Mepian, Nem, AnOldFriend Videogamecabbage, scotbull, Philly H, Superfamifreak, Mark the daddy, Owen, Dazzyman, BigEdd, Zaki Matar, JAPJAC,...Tbc

- Totally laid back, at the same time fiery
The anticipation of getting whatever game and having others around you feeling the same.

Some really good memories had there, and plenty of unforgettable moments!
Also made some good... Dare I say it "friends"!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007


Right then, 1st of all CHROMEHOUNDS is only really worth playing on LIVE preferably in a squad. Luckily I'm a member of the uber NTSC-uk elite squad currently named NTSC UK! We are in fact.. not great at anything in particular, except having fun! Which is surely what its all about, isn't it?

The game play is not fast paced, what needs to be understood here is that speed isn't what makes or breaks the game, this game is all about how to gain supremacy! In the heat of battle it is quite easy to be lost, overwhelmed, frantic, panicked, confused or laughing your arse off!

You do this by either eliminating the enemy HOUNDS or destroying the opponents base, or if time & ammo runs out it is decided on who has the most remaining captured COMBAS.

These are scattered over the different maps, which once captured allow you to communicate with other members in your squad within the highlighted area, leave this area & communication will cease until another link has been made. If there is a commander unit in your squad this will allow them to locate enemies normally hidden from your commanders radar, and commander units double up as a walking combas for communication purposes.

Every HOUND has a motion sensor that will show friends or foes nearby, if the bullets and rockets don't hit you first!

When it kick's off you are thrown all over the shop, your Hound can degrade bit by bit or all at once "Lolz". If playing in a night mission, you can literally be blinded by flares and fire power, even during daylight missions smoke can render you vision useless! You can equip night & thermal vision to assist you but this costs in game money & adds to your Hounds weight which is a huge factor in building your Hound.

Building your Hound is relatively simple:

Mobility Base: 2 Legs, 4 Legs, Tracks, Wheels, Hovercraft
Cockpit: Small - Large
Generator: Powers all equipment
NA Maker - Optional: Commander usage
Heavy Arms: Missile Launchers, Rocket Launchers, Huge Cannon's
Light Arms: Sniper rifles, Grenades, Machine Guns, Mines, Sniper Cannons, Smoke Launchers, Flares,
Spacers - Optional: Allows gaps to fit equipment
Assist Parts - Optional: Night / Thermal Vision, Missile Counters, NA Jammers, Armour, Energy Tanks, Radiators, Rotor Craft

Then add CPU cards for: Aiming accuracy, Travel speed, Turning speed, Weapon systems, assign the weapons and you are ready for action.

I have spent over 267 hours on this game so far, and look forward to spending many more. So much to see and so many things to do, from building your HOUND, creating Decals, taking part in political votes, completing the single player levels when no-one is online, buying weapons, changing nationality, challenging other squads, multi-player one on one's, seeking the immensely overwhelming mega hounds that crop up from time to time... It really is a must have title and for the price it can be found at now, everyone should own it!

Understand Mii!?

For those who don't know me:
Katsujinken, katsujinken2002, Kats, Black kitty, Tsuyugasumi.... Karl

Sex: Far too much, caused lol damage, made a baby & I'm male

Location: UK, Oxfordshire

Interests: Seeing my daughter, Gaming, Getting lashed, Bomberman, Films, Drum & Bass, Breakbeat hardcore, Systema, Ninjutsu, Motorbikes, Mobile phones & other tech, DJ / Mixing, Socialising, doing photoshows & dvd's and stuff!

Consoles etc:
Past - Philips videopac, Master Sytem, Master System 2, MD1 (pal/jap), MCD, 32X, Game Gear, Atari lynx, Neo-Geo pocket, Neo-Geo AES (jap), Neo-Geo CD (jap), PCE Core Grafx, PCE Core Grafx II, SNES (pal/usa), SFC (jap), SNES JNR (pal/jap), GBA purple, GBA SP, PGM, Namco System 10, PS1, PS1 Chipped, XBOX, PS2, Sega Arcade Cab VS2, GC, GC GBA player...

Present - Master system 2, MD2 (asian), Genesis 3 (usa), Saturn (pal/jap), PCE Turbo Dou R (jap), DC (pal/jap), Custom painted modded SNES, N64 (pal/jap), GBC Purple, GBA, GBA SP, GBA Micro, DS, DS lite, CPS2, MVS, Seibu SPI, XBOX 360, Wii, PS2 (jap)...

Top Secret info:
I have met Masaaki Hatsumi, Vladimir Vasiliev, and Shadow from teh Gladiators!

I have some Tattoo'age and want more..

I like swords, and can throw knives & stuff..

Dont like dawgs, love the cats!

I do not like wine, beer, ale, or lager?

Can't see the love for sports in general? But I'm partial to cage fighting, not particularly UFC TBA, Euro -> Russia is far more appealing.

On Rainbow 6 Vegas I have a Luminous head!
I used to be a Moderator at RIP, damn I miss those dayz extreme entertainment all round! Big up all da VGI massive y'all know who you are!

Sunday, 11 November 2007


I visited Poland in July, was not sure what to expect tbh? People had told me it was not so good and that I would not really enjoy it there, most of them were from Poland themselves! My girlfriend was a little afraid that I may not enjoy it too.

When I arrived at Warsaw airports check in type thing, it was very.... Er Military looking, and the guy at the desk looked like he would very much love shoot me! After successfully avoiding being shot I exited the airport with my girlfriend, and her father was there to drive us to Starachowice.

Luckily i'd met him before so no long introductions just a hug and hello and we were off. The drive took an eternity, the roads were unfinished to say the least, and the driving style was a little bit like Burnout but with dodgy cars!

The whole journey reminded me a little of Bangkok, around the airport was nice but as soon as you started to leave Warsaw things started to look like Slough, then worse (if you can imagine).

When we reached Starachowice, the housing was mainly in massive blocks with some really nice occasional houses scattered around the area's without a block. We were staying in a block, which from the outside looked not so good! Fortunately on the inside it was really nice, as were pretty much all the other flats I visited.

A few other positives were that literally every 100 meters was a shop of sorts, there were pubs all over the place, and a night club just down the road.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Nintendo Wii Virtual Console

Nintendo Wii what a system!

I was sceptical about getting one, but i'm glad I did! Now I can lose all those big retro carts and download to my hearts content.

Pity that the UK Virtual Console games are mostly the 50hz bordered versions though... But it very pleasant to see Nintendo releasing true classics that were not previously available in the European market, like SIN AND PUNISHMENT.

Also nice to see the addition of the NEO-GEO games, even if the only ones released so far are not the greatest... BLUE'S JOURNEY Aka RAGUY and MAGICIAN LORD are probably the titles currently available that I would personally consider? Just keeping my fingers crossed for the KING OF THE FIGHTERS series, VIEWPOINT, LAST RESORT, PULSTAR, BLAZING STAR and a few others to come along and i'll be a happy chap.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Rainbow Six Vegas

Played Rainbow Six Vegas ( Xbox 360 ) with SwallowFM & HerrNeetz, still in awe with this game... Always keeps you on your toes, swift, and tense all the way through. Great in co-op, and personally I wouldn't want it any other way!?

Pity about my luminous head though....
Must re-take my face map shots in good lighting, and see if it makes a difference!

Its the weekend!!

Started a Monday to Friday, 9-5 job this week! After 17 years of working Saturdays and random long, long hours... So I may just have to celebrate eh!!!!

The new workplace is dramatically different from the previous and I am enjoying doing something other than retail for once thats for sure.


A quick hello from me!
I will be adding various bits & pieces to this blog as time goes by...

Managed to find a rather lovely youtube link, versed in history and culture with excellent bgm.

Hopefully I too will be scoring MASSIVE DAMAGE from this point onwards!